November 2012

So, you may have noticed that the last post wasn’t very “late”, let alone “latest.” In fact, I haven’t done much with this site for more than year–bad author! In the interval, though, The Swamp Monster at Home came out–a glorious day (well, at least for me.) It made a brief and presumably fluky appearance on the Poetry Foundation’s bestseller list in late February, before vanishing again as quickly, but I was touched (thank you, family, friends, readers!) My newer poem “The Young” also placed second in the Asheville Poetry Review’s William Matthews Poetry Prize, judged by David Wagoner. I’ve read recently on the radio (briefly), at my university’s Literary Festival, at City Lights (who launched the book) and at Malaprop’s. I’ve got a draft of a chapbook, tentatively titled Blood-Beaded Second (sounds kind of thrift-store, doesn’t it?) And there are reviews forecast in North Carolina Literary Review and maybe Cider Press Review. By and large, it’s been a good year for Things Book.

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